hey everyone :)

my name is alex, i´m an art director mostly for short films, i´m always looking for inspiration and creative ways to express my mind, or the mind of the director.

here you´ll find pics that i found inspiring hope you feel the same and help you decorate your room, house, etc.

most of this pics are not mine, whenever i post something i did i will let you know.


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Pretty (and real) Pantries. 

Asked by Anonymous

Hi! ok first of all thanks for asking, i hope my answer can be useful.

The First thing you have to remember is that we are really visual, and because of that we see everything in one specific order: from left to right/ up and down. So you need to remember this while you organize your pantry (especially if you want to find something really quick).

Another thing you need to remember is that having lots of stuff in one place can be a problem (especially when it´s not organized), just the idea of going to a place full of stuff makes us tired, so the first thing you could do is buy some little or big pretty boxes or sliding baskets fill them with all the stuff you want and simply put them on the shelves, that way you know where is everything (you can also write tags for other people, www.etsy.com sells some chalkboard stickers that looks great and they´re not expensive at all).

So, where to begin? i always take a picture of the space to see exactly how it looks (the mind can be soo tricky) and i start to draw at least 3 possible ways to organize or decorate a place, that way all of my ideas can be right in front of me and decide which one looks better. (and you don´t have to be a great artist, as long as you get the idea).

Go from small to big while organizing the shelves, small on the top of course, the stuff you don´t want to put in a box or sliding basket you could always place in the first shelve (i´m thinking about cereal boxes, i don´t know why haha).

And take it easy, don´t try to do everything in one day you´ll get burned out (believe me it happens to me all the time :P)

i´ll post some pics i found to inspire you, good luck!! hope this advice was somehow useful and when you finish, if you want to send us a picture to let us see you´re gorgeous space, we´ll be really thankful. :D

have a great weekend! 

ps (sorry if i misspelled something)